Navicat Premium (Linux)

Navicat Premium (Linux) info

Each software uses files in different formats. Some of these files are used as source files or configuration files required to run the Navicat Premium (Linux) program correctly. The second category are file formats in which the program can save the result of its work.

Below you will find a list of file extensions supported and used by the Navicat Premium (Linux) program. The files with the extensions listed below may contain settings, configurations, or other input data of the Navicat Premium (Linux) program, as well as projects or data that the Navicat Premium (Linux) program can display or edit.

File extensions related to Navicat Premium (Linux)

Navicat Premium (Linux) download

If you need more information about Navicat Premium (Linux), or are looking for a safe source to download the program, check out the manufacturer's website.

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