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Information about the file JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME
  • Jewel Quest Saved Game
  • Game Files
  • iWin, Inc.


The JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file extension can be associated with several types of files. Most often, however, a file with such an extension is associated with the Jewel Quest Saved Game format. JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME files are supported by Windows operating systems. The JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file is one of the Game Files files, just like 1509 of the other files found in our file information database. The creator of Jewel Quest Saved Game is iWin, Inc..

A program that can open the JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file is e.g. Jewel Quest. This software was released by iWin, Inc..

Programs, that can open .JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME files

iWin, Inc.
Jewel Quest

How to open a .JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file?

If you have problems opening the file JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME, then in most cases the problem is only the lack of the proper application installed. Select one of the programs from the list and install it on your device. The operating system should automatically associate the JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file format with the installed program. If not, right click on your JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME file and select from the menu "Open with" . Then select the installed program and confirm the operation. Now all JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME files should automatically open with the selected program.

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